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Greg Windham shines in gloomy loss in conference title game

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photo taken by Matt Starkey

DETROIT — Greg Windham sat with eyes fixed ahead.

There was so much he could’ve said. Instead, he quietly took responsibility for a loss that was far from his fault.

Put into a freefalling situation — a 9-0 deficit — Windham reached for a conference title and was left crouched over, heartbroken and defeated.

In a 29-23 loss to No. 17 Western Michigan on Friday in the Marathon Mid-American Conference Game, it was Windham above every other Bobcat who looked the most defeated — a self-inflicted condition entirely undeserving.

If anything, perhaps it was Windham who had been the most unappreciated all along. (continue reading here)

Many rivers to cross: Maurice Ndour’s four-continent quest to the NBA

photo taken by Dave Saffran/MSG Photos

CLEVELAND — The locker room was gloomy following a 117-88 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Inside, the New York Knicks spoke softly and subdued.

Except for Maurice Ndour.

As teammates sulked in towels and sweatpants, Ndour donned a slim dark suit, his dreadlocks tied tightly and his face cemented in a smile.

“I’m doin’ great, baby,” he said.

Despite his teammates’ frustration, Ndour was radiant, soaking in his first NBA appearance — even if he didn’t play — making him the first former Ohio Bobcat on an NBA regular season roster since 2005. (continue reading here)

FC Cincinnati: the third-tier US soccer team pulling in 20,000 fans a game

This story previously ran in The Guardian on May 16, 2016.

When Bjorn Knudsen talks, the whiskers from his eyebrows and beard poke out of his orange, full-body suit. When Knudsen walks, his father, Chip, holds him by his shoulders, helping him keep balance and walk straight.
“No curb,” Chip says when they cross a street, making sure Bjorn doesn’t stumble.

Bjorn, with a massive bass drum strapped to his chest, begins beating the drum while others are chanting. “How can you see the drum?” someone shouts.

Bjorn, Chip and 150 others are marching just under a mile from Mecklenburg Gardens, a quaint corner bar, toward Nippert Stadium — the home to what’s quickly becoming America’s most fascinating new club. (continue reading at The Guardian)